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We may be 4 months into the year, but the current Covid-19 situation has caused disruptions that may need businesses to rethink their strategies. Ever since the first case was reported in the country (Kenya), we have seen people lose jobs, businesses close shop and the effectiveness of business continuity plans put to test. It has also been like a long weekend for employees who have been asked to work from home and this has been varyingly smooth and tough across organizations.

With all the above happening, it is evident that finances have been strained. I have heard of companies that have put off projects due to cash flow constraints. What does this mean for the uptake of Robotics Process Automation (RPA) in Kenya? The following are possibilities aligned to this emerging technology:

  • Companies will begin to appreciate that some tasks, such as the manual, repetitive and rule-based ones, can be completed in the absence of human resources. They’ll explore the options available for such work and will realize that RPA is among the best.
  • Even during these Covid-19 times, companies will request for demos and pilot implementations. This will mostly be seen with enterprises that still have the financial muscle, such as banks. The microfinance institutions and Saccos will also not be left behind.
  • RPA consultants will be busy responding to client requests, including developing proposals, quotations and demos
  • Budgets will be revised to include automation projects around RPA, either as standalone technologies or with a mix of AI and/or Data Analytics
  • A number of RPA companies will try to make their way into the country, either directly or through alliances and partnerships, attracted by the high demand for this technology.

In the face of the current economic challenges, mindsets have and will continue to be changed to align to emerging technologies. In case you feel that the inevitable digital transformation could render your role redundant, stay alert and focus on developing relevant skill sets.

Beta Edge Technology Ltd is a tech company focused on guiding businesses in achieving value and efficiency in their processes by relieving them of manual, repetitive and time-consuming tasks through emerging technologies of RPA, AI and Data Analytics.

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